Maleen began writing music as a teenager, where she was the lead singer of a promising rock band. After the rock band venture, Maleen began to develop her classical voice and skipped the songwriting temporarily.

Maleen learned to sing the music of the great composers and through the years she has performed with opera highlights, operetta, musical songs, lieder and church music in numerous concerts.

In 2013 renewed inspiration urged Maleen to compose her own works. This time with the desire to bridge the music genres. When being introduced to the great Danish composer Frederik Magle, Maleen found an opportunity to do something unique and exciting with her lyrical soprano voice and Frederik Magle’s innovative and cinematic approach to creating music.

Maleen is now immersed into the genesis of her own personal album ICON. She creates the lyrics and vocals, while Frederik Magle composes and arranges the instrumental parts.