-Maleen, Icon Review

“Throughout ICON, Maleen is presenting music that is cinematic and pushes the boundaries of creative rock music, all while maintaining her Danish roots. Solid sounds and that’s the short of it!”

* Eliana Fermi, Staccatofy

“Maleen is transformative in her performances. Her voice rings with purity, penetrating deeply within your soul, her soprano voice is guided by beauty and resonance”

* Analogue Trash

“The reflective nature of Ugly & Beautiful by Danish musician Maleen is sure to captivate the listener on the first hearing”

Nordic Music Review”

This is a dramatic song, powerful and compelling, and it will certainly capture your attention”

musicforyourheart *

“Un superbe moment hors du temps que nous offre cette artiste unique venue du Danemark”

—- It’s worth your time —-

This is pretty damned epic. I’m a sucker for this kind of big expansive, cinematic rock. Give it a look/listen. It’s worth your time – Alan Cross, Canadian radio broadcaster and writer on music

### SAD IRONIC ###

” Check this track out, as it’s simply beautiful ”   – By Jane Howkins, York Callin