The classically trained soprano Maleen has created an unique sound that bridges the gap between classical, rock and folk music. In the creation process she is inspired by magnificent landscapes and contrasts - the ethereal and raw.

Danish singer and composer Maleen has for many years sung the classical music of the great composers. As a young girl Maleen started her musical career singing in her own rock band and winning several Danish song contests.

“It's interesting to mix the different genres. I love to play with the contrasts between light soprano voice and dark chest register sound and expose my self into everything from traditional classical use to Nordic Jojk and raw rock voice.

I’m inspired by the scenery of mother nature and envision to awaken a deep connection to her when you listen to my music.

I wish people to hesitate, relax and take better care of the Earth and each other”

Maleen’s first single "Sad Ironic" (2018) was released with an art music video shut on the Danish natural reserve Moens Klint. Lasse Spang Olsen was the cinematographer and director.

Since then Maleen has had several releases with George Keller as producer and has received great reviews worldwide.

Maleen's voice takes a center stage in the beautiful "Lux Aeterna" from the "Anastasis-Messe" by the Danish composer Frederik Magle. Maleen conducts the choir in the mass and she has been the choreographer on all concert performances.

Frederik Magle has also arranged the music for several of Maleen’s works, sometimes on the edge of symphonic metal. Maleen’s urge to create new music has over the years led to experimental concerts such as "Wolf howl in Ulvedalene (Wolf Valleys)” and "Twilight concerts" in sacred rooms.

Maleen’s latest work “Earth Ballet” is made in collaboration with the Danish film composer Jørgen Lauritsen and the Swedish nyckelharpa player Erik Rydvall. The music video for “Earth Ballet” is made in collaboration with the director and scriptwriter Isabelle Denaro and the filmmaker Marco Denaro.

The main message of “Earth Ballet” is to take care of the earth and it therefore links naturally to the existing public discourse about climate and the environment.