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This is pretty damned epic. I’m a sucker for this kind of big expansive, cinematic rock. A nice combination of Evanescence, Loreena McKennitt and Type O Negative . Give it a look/listen. It’s worth your time.

– Alan Cross, Canadian Radio

Maleen is a Danish singer-songwriter, producing beautiful folk tunes full of pagan imagery and atmospheric layers of sound. Sad Ironic is her latest release, with the track itself having a very Scandinavian feel to it, if such a thing exists. There’s also something of a rocky bent to parts of it, and those into their folk metal will also find something to love here, as well as those purely into their folk music. Check this track out, as it’s simply beautiful”

– Jane Howkins, York Calling

I’m fascinated by the contrasting shades of darkness and light, the swirling instrumental and guitar sounds that add
to the atmosphere and the power of the vocals. This is a dramatic song, powerful and compelling, and it will certainly
capture your attention.”

– Nordic Music review 

Maleen’s voice will melt you. Her gentile operatic vocals, when looked deeper, is a ferocious anthem to the strength
of what and how love can build mountains. “With this acoustic song I intend to bring a non sentimental feeling of
longing and exploring love. Love to another person; love to yourself; love to the universe.” With ‘Someone Like You’
she teamed up with Danish composer Frederik Magle to arrange a heartfelt booklet of emotions, deserving of such
an undertaking. It just works beautifully. 

– Comeherefloyd 

Beautiful singing with well crafted music and an orchestration that is intuitive and imaginative. A love song with a Nordic tone. An innovative and cinematic piece of music that has video that is just as creative. That’s the short of it! Maleen and Magle have created an enchanted musical experience that is about imitative musical landscapes, growing orchestration and lovely singing. “Someone Like You” is based in classical idioms, with Nord ic musical colors and a song form that is unfolding in depth and emotion. Maleen’s lyrics are emotive and her heartfelt delivery invites you to believe every word. Guitarist Allan Sjølin performs a hauntingly beautiful solo on his nylon strung guitar. The counterpoint is subtle but builds the track as does Maleen’s gorgeous vocal harmonies.Simple beautiful and certainly meant to be savored.

– Seamus Fitzpatrick, Staccatofy  

A trip to the Nordic countries. Never, on ”Music For Your Heart”, had we heard such a voice. Maleen’s voice alone is enough to make us dream. Her song “Someone Like You” is a musical gem with classical roots, with guitar and cello. We were a little afraid, at the beginning, of the length of the title, more than 6 minutes. But in the end, we did not see them pass and we would almost find it too s hort, so we were in this magical universe. A superb time out of timemthat offers us this unique artist from Denmark.

– Music For Your Heart, France (translated)

Indie folk singer songwriter artist, Maleen release her new song, and really we can’t get enou gh of. ‘Someone like you’’, soulful vocals, light with a soft guitar and violoncelle melody. It’s the perfect song for kicking back and relaxing,  we really love the sound that Maleen is bringing with this music. It’s relaxing and the vocal work sends chills down our spine every time we take a listen.

– Yellow & Black  

Maleen fuses rock and classical influences to create a distinct and original sound, as well as using the beauty and force of her natural surroundings as a backdrop to her music. We reviewed her singled “Someone Like You” last year. Maleen is back with “The Rim of the Cliff,” a distinct sound of voice and cello that is relaxing, while still maintaining her Danish roots. Inspired by the footage of her first music video, footage captured on the cliffs by Danish filmmaker Lasse Spang Ols en. The visual experience inspired her single “The Rim of the Cliff.” Maleen explains, “for me about the balance of life between the wild and the challenging, and the safe and the “normal”. Besides that, It’s a tribute to
Møns Klint DK.” Maleen is transfo rmative in her performances. Her voice rings with purity, penetrating deeply within your soul. Her soprano voice is guided by beauty and resonance. That’s the short of it! Her ethereal voice is captivating, and entrancing as it floats atop with beautiful s oundcscapes.

– Eliana Fermi, Staccatofy  

Maleen is a Danish singer and composer, who creates beautiful pieces of music that hark back to the traditional mu-sic of her country. The Rim Of The Cliff is a relatively new piece of music from her that combines together classically inspired vocals with sparse, folk instrumentation. This style of music might not be for everyone, but we found this song to be abso-lutely beautiful, and there’s something very haunting about it all. We implore you to check the video out below!

Jane Howkins, York Calling 

The final but certainly not the least track in the running order on her four track EP of the same name, the reflective nature of Ugly & Beautiful by Danish musician Maleen is sure to captivate the listener on the first hearing. Maleen says the song is ‘the story about overcoming the darkness in your life, not by avoiding it but by meeting it and accepting that it’s there.’ There’s a dark element to the song at times, but it balances that with some lighter tones in the arrangement and vocals as the track progresses, as if reflecting the emotional journey that’s expressed in the lyrics. With its sweeping gothic flourishes, fearsome guitar melody and uplifting denouement, so much of the track’s energy is conveyed through the slowly evolving vocal delivery. Ugly & Beautiful has a suitably literary, if not cinematic energy to it.

– Mark Buckley, Analogue Trash

Maleen is a Danish singer and composer that is trained as a classical singer (soprano) whom is creating a beautiful fusion of rock and classical influences to create a diverse musical sound. Maleen is now releasing her four song EP, which has a program of music that is unique as it is colorful, titled ICON. At the core of the project is Maleen’s rich voice and wide vocal range that alternates between a very deep, dark sound and a light and ethereal soprano.

Maleen builds on her classical training and her inspiration of the beauty of her natural surroundings to deliver a powerful musical statement. “The Rim of the Cliff” has a diverse sound of voice and cello that is tranquil and builds to a commanding climax. “Someone Like You” is filled with sounds that evolve and are well orchestrated by Frederik Magle. This allows Maleen’s singing to have the space to soar and let the listener hear and enjoy her rich vocal timbres and stylings. Guitarist Allan Sjølin performs a beautiful solo on his nylon-strung guitar. “Ugly & Beautiful” is a powerful mix of rock and classical instrumentation. The lyrics tell a story about overcoming the darkness in your life, not by avoiding it but by meeting it and accepting that it’s there. Magle composed the contrasting underlying symphonic and progressive rock music which supports Maleen’s diverse singing. Sjølin provide taste guitar work and a solid solo. Throughout ICON, Maleen is presenting music that is cinematic and pushes the boundaries of creative rock music, all while maintaining her Danish roots. Solid sounds and that’s the short of it! Interesting compositions, orchestrations and vivid singing through a style that has elements of classical, new age and rock.

– Seamus Fitzpatrick, Staccatofy

Jeg gik mig ud en Sommerdag is the latest release from Danish musician Maleen, with the track being based around the old Nordic folksong of the same name.
The track is very different to the stuff we normally get sent to us, but it’s actually one of my favourite pieces of the year. There’s a haunting beauty to it, with Maleen’s vocals being accompanied only by the sound of the nightingales singing in the background, and the video only helps to add to this evocative feeling. Check the track out below and see what you think!

– Jane Howkins, York Calling

This love ballad is compressed with emotions and flows like a river in a magnificent landscape and releases scents of pop, Nordic folk and country. Here is our first approach to the artist Maleen who offers us a strong and powerful title in emotions. A touching title that does not only deal with love and hate, but pushes us to understand each other and human relationships. A Nordic folk track with pop and country inspirations. With once a soprano and a very American folk culture, the artist Maleen offers us contemporary folk with vast inspirations ranging from symphonic metal to country.

– Julien James Vachon, Direct Actu (Translated)

We liked the very Alt Pop and classic side. The Nordic Folk dimension also brings great importance to this title of Maleen. There is something that reminds us a lot of projects like Era, Pop that relies on the orchestral and classical dimension of the project. Here, the almost operatic singing gives something sacred to this song. It feels like the Earth is waking up and expressing itself, it’s fantastic.

– Julien James Vachon, Direct Actu (Translated)

“Earth Ballet” brings Maleen’s angelic voice and a stirring sonic landscape paired with a music video made in collaboration with the director and scriptwriter Isabelle Denaro and the filmmaker Marco Denaro. The wonderfully flowing lyrics have a theme of taking care of the Earth and are, therefore, linked naturally to the existing public discourse about climate and the environment. Set to a captivating Nordic drumbeat, Maleen’s clear soprano introduces the theme and lyrics. Rydvall’s nyckelharpa adds various supporting colors and rhythms. As always, Maleen builds a tapestry of intricate vocal harmonies and counterpoints, all excellently executed with clear diction, pitch, and energy. Lauritsen’s orchestrations are thoughtful as each section builds and supports the melody. The nyckelharpa interlude is an impressive display of the sonic character of this seldom heard Nordic instrument. The ethereal bridge is guided by Maleen’s multilayer vocal parts that builds back to the original theme and cadential figure. Overall, “Earth Ballet” is a thrilling assortment of Nordic sounds offered by gorgeous singing, drum playing, and nyckelharpa playing combined with a stunning video. That’s the short of it!

– Steph Cosme, Staccatofy

In this grandiose track there is a real spirit of the forest, the power of mother nature and the smell of freedom. Shaman folk with a very soulful female vocal and meditative rhythm. Take everything you need from this world and remember, time is a stream of water that flow under your feet.
Earth Ballet is a reminder to take care of our planet, listen to the pulse of Mother Earth and be aware of our footprint.